How to store ladies bags

- Dec 11, 2019-

1. If it is a canvas ladies bag that you like, this kind of ladies bag can be folded freely and it is not easy to deform, so we can roll the ladies bag into a roll, and then place it according to the color depth. If you want to use it, what color you need It is also very easy to find the ladies' bags.

2. Small women's bags can be stacked in large women's bags. This method is very suitable for ladies' bags with hard leather. Using such a small ladies bag into a large ladies bag can not only save the space required for storage, but also serve as a stuffing for a large ladies bag, which can serve two purposes.

3. It is to make a ladies bag storage bag by yourself. You can prepare some fabrics first and cut them according to about twice the size of the ladies bag. After cutting, fold the cloth in half from the middle and stitch the ends of the two ends. This is simple. Your storage bag is ready. After making the storage bags, you can put your beloved ladies bags in these storage bags and hang it in a place to avoid. This not only saves space, but also protects your bag well!