How to solve the problem of leather bag leather bag moldy?

- Oct 18, 2019-

1.First use the special strong cleaning agent for leather to remove the mold on the leather surface (because mold is usually a kind of bacteria that will multiply and grow, clean is also a mildew on the surface, and the mold inside the leather is not killed)

2.wear gloves, take appropriate amount of leather mold remover on a soft clean cloth;

3.gently massage the leather surface until the mold is removed to form a layer of residual material (this is a process to remove the mold inside the leather), for the matte leather, the use of absorbent paper to absorb residual stains, so that the product stays in the mold On the leather for one night, observe if it is necessary to clean again.

4.Please use leather special protective cream to prevent mildew.

5.If the mold adheres to the leather for a long time, damages the leather and forms a scar, it is difficult to handle at this time. Only after using the mold remover, the color repair series can be used to repair the original appearance.