How to properly package travel bags?

- Oct 16, 2019-

1. You should keep the heavier items as close as possible to your center of gravity, which means don't tie your tent to the bottom of your backpack, which is not only too far from your center of gravity, but also too heavy, strictly speaking, The back method is wrong. If you need to tie the tent outside the backpack, it is best to tie it between the backpack cover and the main compartment.

2. The bottom of the bag is a good place to put your sleep system equipment. Clothes, pants and socks that are extra and not worn for a short time can be packaged at the bottom of the bag.

3.the center of the travel bag can be put hard equipment, such as kitchen utensils, fuel, food, and any other intensive items should be placed in the middle of the bag, tents, sleeping bags are relatively heavy objects, should be as close as possible to your back. This will make the weight of the travel bag higher, so bear the weight, the waist can be straight during the journey.

4. The top of the travel bag should be equipped with equipment that is often needed during the journey and can be quickly and easily taken out, such as rain gear, first aid equipment and insulation insulation. This is a real hodgepodge. Anything that doesn't find a suitable place in the backpack can be rolled up and placed on top.

5. If you need to climb, the center of the bag should be lower, so that the body can bend between the trees or climb the bare rock. If you need to climb, the travel package should be close to the pelvic position, which is the center point of the body rotation. This prevents the weight of the backpack from moving to the shoulders. During the hiking process, the back pack can be filled with a higher weight and close to the back.

6. The backpacks of boys and girls are inconsistent because the upper body of the boy’s torso is longer and the girl’s is shorter. When loading materials, the weight of the boys should be higher, because the male's center of gravity is close to the chest, and the girls are lower. Because the girl's center of gravity is close to the abdomen, the heavy items should be as close as possible to the back, so that the weight is higher than the waist.