How to properly clean the different types of backpack bags

- Apr 25, 2019-

Backpacks are essential for shopping, business, and travel,The lifetime of a backpack depends on how you use it.If you want to extend the lifetime of your backpack, the one thing you need to do is to properly clean your backpack.The following are some cleaning methods provided for different types of backpacks.

waterproof travel backpack.jpg

1. business travel backpack

Business travel is a frequent occurrence for business people,the Backpacks are essential.Like people, it will feel “tired” .Even It may not be dirty, but it should be cleaned.So,when you back home,the thing you can do is  to take out your computer and documents ect from your backpack;Organize the small pieces of paper in the bag;Then check and clean up any ink residue.In general,t can be washed off with laundry detergent.If not, can soak.It is best to wash  once after 2-3times business trip.

2. casual backpack

Casual backpack is usually light and fashionable, colorful fancy as well use it when outside.So every time you come back, swing the backpack gently twice to remove the dust left on the backpack.The leisure backpack will be washed after 2-3times outside.If you wipe them with a damp cloth, they are more resistant to dirt for the Weekday leisure backpacks.

3. Hiking backpack

Wild travel is the original ecology travel,touch with mountains and rivers, flowers and plant.It will be contaminated by dirt, dust, or sweat.It is recommended that you use a soft, dry brush to remove dust from the outside of your backpack before rinsing with clean water.Remember to clean your backpack after a long day trip;Soak for about 30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water to keep small organisms out of the bag, or to prevent mold or bacteria from getting stuck in the backpack system.If the waterproof surface of mountaineering backpack was damaged,Please use the professional spray anti-splash water maintenance before the backpack drys completely in the air.After that, your backpack anti-splash water function will be the same as the new!