How to personalize your handbag

- Sep 23, 2020-

Canvas as a material can hold various inks well, allowing multiple techniques to personalize your blank tote bag.

How to create a silk screen image on a totebag:

The screen printing image comes from screen printing. In order to realize this method, you must prepare silk screen frame, lotion, acetate, ink and bag.

The first step: use a slot to coat the silk screen with emulsion. After making sure that the entire screen is coated, let it dry in a dark room for at least four hours.

Step 2: Print the desired image on the acetate. If the image you want is a simple shape, you can cut out that shape from plain paper.

Step 3: After selecting the image, place the image and the screen on the exposure unit so that the image can be transferred to the screen.

Step 4: Rinse the bare screen with water to reveal an image on the screen. Before proceeding to the next step, let the screen dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Make sure to flatten the canvas completely to achieve the best transfer effect. Fix the screen on the canvas so that the image is placed on the bag first.

Step 6: Now, select the ink to be used and place a lot of ink on the screen. Distribute the ink evenly on the screen, making sure to cover the entire canvas. Scrapers are best for this step.

Step 7: Let the canvas dry, which usually takes half an hour. After drying, please feel free to enjoy and show off your work!