How to make non-woven handbags?

- Oct 22, 2019-

1,fabric selection

Before making a non-woven handbag, first choose the fabric. The fabric should be made of non-woven fabric with surface gloss and small difference in tension and tension. This is because the non-woven fabric on the surface of the fabric is printed well, and the overall effect of the handbag will be outstanding and decorative.

2,fabric cutting and cutting

According to the design drawings, use the automatic slicer and slitter to cut the fabric into the size we need. The large fabric is used for printing front and back plus three sides of the bottom, and the small fabric is used for side, picking and edging.


Once the fabric has been cut, it can be printed. We usually use screen printing, because it is a piece of pure manual printing, so the printing speed and progress will be slower than the machine printing, of course, the cost will be higher than the machine printing, but its The error rate is relatively low. When printing, pay attention to the printed text, the pattern should have a good fullness, and the size of the grasp should be able to highlight the effect of the entire handbag.


According to certain specifications and styles, like sewing clothes, sewing large fabrics, small pieces, picking hands, edging and other fabrics together, it becomes the finished handbag we see. Among them, there are many sewing methods. For example, at the interface between the hand and the large piece, it is necessary to do not need to cross, and the fork is used to increase the firmness. On the side is a few lines, the length of the bag, and so on.


The final step of packaging is to pack and pack. We use cardboard boxes according to certain specifications, 100 boxes, or 200 boxes, and the boxes are printed on the boxes. In this way, the finished products of a box are transported by logistics to each The terminal is sold to a wide range of consumers. Tote bags have developed into the present, there are already many styles, and the workmanship and process of each style are slightly different, but the rough production method is like this.