How to make a handbag?

- Oct 23, 2019-

First, the leather handbag homemade

1. Sketch the pattern first, then make a shape on the cardboard according to the drawing.

2. Put the cardboard on the leather for marking, cut the leather according to the mark, and prepare the leather and leather strips. Note that the edges of the leather should be cut at an oblique angle and coated with a smoothing agent for polishing.

3. According to the drawings, make a hole in the leather surface, put on the leather strip, and then suture it into a closed loop on the back, and use a lighter to burn it.

4. Cut a center belt with a belt cutter and apply a polishing agent to the edge of the center belt for polishing.

5. Place the center belt on the bag and sew it with the sewing machine.

6. Install several 4mm studs in the punched position to add metal fittings. Then place the strap on the ring, place it in the stud seal and close it, and the leather handbag is ready.