How to make a fabric handbag

- Oct 30, 2019-

1,Prepare two pieces of cloth according to the size of the bag. The 1/2 of the cloth is the approximate size of the bag after completion.

2,ready to zipper, the length is the same as the long side of the bag.

3,Cut the cloth into two halves and it will become 2 pieces of table cloth. The fabric is opposite, and the beautiful side is outside.

4,Press the front of the table cloth on the zipper. You see the front side of the lining cloth. Then sew the two pieces of cloth on the zipper, and then sew the table cloth and the lining cloth on the other side in the same way.

5,After the sewing is completed, the zipper is made. Next, the two table cloths are sewn together, and the two pieces are sewed together. When sewing, you should leave a small mouth of about 5cm on any of the three sides of the table cloth, so that you can turn the bag out. Remember to leave the table cloth.

6,Finally, in turn, the 5cm hole that was left behind was sewn with the Tibetan needle method and completed.