How to identify leather and artificial leather? How to care for leather bags?

- Jun 24, 2019-

First, how to identify leather and artificial leather?

The first problem encountered in the purchase of women's bags is the identification of leather handbags and imitation leather handbags, which are not only of obvious quality, but also have a considerable gap in price.

How to identify the two, we can go from the following eight steps: A, see. Look at the appearance first, the leather has no base, the artificial material has a base; the leather has small pores, and the imitation leather is not. B, touch. Touching by hand, the artificial material has a very strong plastic feeling, and the gloss is bright. The winter hand touch has a cold feeling, and the leather smooth touch does not have a cold feeling. C, smell. The leather smells like animal fat (that is, the skin smell), while the imitation leather has a plastic taste. D, pressure. Use the thumb to press the softer part of the finished product. There will be many small and even patterns on the dermis around the thumb. The thumb will lift and the pattern disappears, that is, the dermis. The artificial material may have no pattern, and there may be coarse lines and the thumb is lifted. The pattern does not disappear, indicating that the grain layer on the surface of the material and the underlying mesh layer have been disengaged. E. Observing and observing the cross section, the dermis section is composed of irregular fibers. After scraping the broken fiber with fingernails, the cross section has no obvious change. For the dermis, the texture of different parts is irregular, the nose smells smelly, and the artificial leather smells plastic. Or rubbery taste, the texture rules of each part are the same. Foil leather is a synthetic surface layer on the loose layer of natural leather. It can not be called "leather", but a synthetic leather with a natural leather inner layer as the base. F, water. Place small drops of water on the surface of the skin. After a few minutes, the water droplets spread through the pores, and visible wet spots can be seen to absorb moisture. G, burn. The corners of the burnt skin have a hairy burnt taste, while the imitation leather is a plastic smell. H, color. The leather is dark and soft, and the imitation leather is bright. 

Second, how to maintain the care of leather bags

1.Can not be irradiated under strong light, in order to prevent the oil from being dried, resulting in fibrous tissue shrinkage, leather hardening and brittle.

2.Can not be placed in strong acid to prevent corrosion.

3. When it is raining on rainy days, dry it in a ventilated place to prevent mold.

4. When not in use for a long time, put some paper inside to prevent deformation.

5.The leather bag is very delicate, easy to be scratched, to avoid sharp objects.

6. When the leather bag is moldy, dry it with a soft cloth and apply a care agent.