How to go with a lady's casual bag?

- Jul 12, 2019-

A leisure bag is a kind of bag corresponding to a work bag such as a briefcase and a document package. It is mainly used for shopping, traveling, attending parties and parties, and is very casual and fashionable. However, in order to make your own mix become the focus of everyone, you must know how to choose the right match for yourself to attract the attention of others.

The big red casual bag was already eye-catching enough. It is assumed that such a large piece of flaming redness will not lose sight in the sea! The special reminder is that if you wear such a dazzling bag, you should never wear it again. I have to spend a lot of time, or I think it is a big red envelope out of the street. It’s not good to be too blind. So instead of simple colors such as gray, black, white, simple jeans, light shoes, boots, you can perfectly attribute such a big bag.

Black and white with a very model, red and white with a very dazzling, red short jacket + white trousers, forming a good proportion of gold, the white metal buckle decorated bow shape is very like, for the elegant white plus fashionable points, this In the fall you can be beautiful and very fresh.

The wine red retro bag continues the retro trend of spring and summer, with a unique eye-catching retro metal color occupying your visual space, based on the full sense of fashion, revealing a mysterious and sexy beauty. The chic bag design, with the antique hardware lock, the elegant charm is like a guzheng music, surrounded by elegant and retro style, adding a luxurious atmosphere. With retro-style clothing, don't have a charm.

In addition to the color, style and style of the clothing, you should also pay attention to the characteristics of your skin color and body shape, so as not to increase the dullness of the skin and expose the shortcomings of the body, so that you don’t look so Shining and outstanding.