How to find a reliable manufacturer when customized a Gift backpack?

- Sep 03, 2019-

1.Conduct field visits

Conducting field trips and going to the production floor is the easiest way to judge the strength of a backpacker. If you say it well, it’s better to see it as a reality. Real business has to face face to face. A backpack factory is not good, or get a look at the production site, to understand the craft, process, quality control, etc. of this backpack factory, this backpack factory naturally knows.

2.Proofing inspection

Proofing is an essential part, and the most important part of backpack customization is proofing. The sample is the standard for large-scale production, and the quality of the sample depends on whether the backpack is excellent. If a backpack factory can't even do the proofing, then the quality of the big goods will not be good. This kind of backpack factory is definitely not reassuring!