How to distinguish the backpack is good or bad

- May 06, 2019-

How to identify the quality of the bag samples? If the quality of the bag samples is too bad, it will inevitably damage the image of the company itself, causing extremely significant losses.Therefore, in the custom gift bags, we must pay attention to the quality of the backpack samples, considering the weight, size, convenience, safety and other factors to avoid the production of unqualified gift backpacks.There are three small details we can pay attention.

Detail 1:

Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the bag samples. The appearance of the bag samples should be full, the arcs are natural, the clothes are flat, clean and tidy, and the front and back are not disfigured.

Detail 2:

Pay attention to the workmanship of the bag samples, the quality of the product can be seen from the stitching traces, the stitches of the high-quality bags should be up and down, the stitches are straight, the stitch length is consistent, and there are no empty needles or missing needles.

Detail 3:

Should be taken to check the quality of the accessories on the sample of the bag prudentially.All accessories should be bright without rust residual, no burr, no peeling off phenomenon.

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