How to clean the suitcase

- Dec 30, 2020-

cleaning methods

1.Know material of luggage bag, in order to effectively remove the dust, stains, not to destroy the appearance of the suitcase.But no matter what kind of material , when you get the bag, should be removed the freight stickers as soon as possible,it is one of important protection.The adhesive on the stickers will easily melt in hot weather and corrode the box surface, leaving black marks that are difficult to remove.

2.In generally,the Luggage can be divided into two categories: hard and soft.The Hard suitcases are easier to clean than soft cases.First,wipe off the dust with a damp cloth first, also can use a few neuter cleaner, be like domestic cleaner, purify relatively stubborn stain.With a clean soft cloth, pour the detergent over the shell and gently scrub back and forth until the dirt is clean. After using the detergent, remember to rinse the cloth and then clean the box to avoid residual detergent.

3.The Soft material, can use a wet cloth or glue roller brush, to clean the dust on the surface.When removing more serious besmirch,use a damp cloth or a soft brush with pouring over a neutral cleaner.The woven texture of the fabric surface should be swabbed gently. Too much force may cause the fabric surface to be hairy.After cleaning, try to use a wet cloth or soft brush to remove the residual cleaner on the surface of the box.

4.For the leather material,special leather cleaning agents are required. These cleaning agents are generally cleaned and treated at one time and do not require more maintenance.Do not clean your suitcase with a cleaning and care product with tinted ingredients.Use a leather care agent and apply a clean soft cloth to evenly wipe the surface of the box. The oil and ink stains on the leather cannot be removed. Please do not scrub it repeatedly to avoid damage to the leather.Remember, The volatile solvents are not allowed on any cleaning surfaces!When cleaning the soft case with detergent, it is best to check if the surface of the box is seriously fading.Scratches or deep scratches on the surface cannot be removed during cleaning.