How to choose the water bag?

- May 08, 2019-

Water bag is made of non-toxic, odorless, transparent and soft latex or polyethylene injection molding. It can be put in any gap of backpacks when hiking or cycling. It is easy to infuse water, convenient to drink, and soft and comfortable to carry.Add antibacterial material to the bladder water bag for multiple USES.The nozzle of  hydration water bladder bag is very important.Open and close easily when necessary, with one hand or open by teeth.Water bags must be safe, non-toxic in the most important.

1. Non-toxic and tasteless materials:The water bladder bags are used to hold drinking water,so the the safety,non-toxic of the water bag is the most important.Most products use non-toxic, odourless materials, but some inferior products have a strong plastic taste after being left in water for a long time.It is better not to consider such products.

2. Pressure resistance of Water Storage Bags:People often need to stack backpacks with water bags for transportation, and sometimes even use backpacks as chairs, cushions, and even beds.With a product that doesn't resist stress, the results can be dire.Will enjoy a wet trip.In my opinion, the water bag should bear the weight of a person at least under the condition of full water.Of course, the standards of the famous water bag manufacturers are much higher.

3.Nozzle selection: the nozzle of the water bag is very important.It must be easy to open and close, with one hand or open by teeth.Also, make sure the nozzle is pressurized when closed.I have seen a friend of a depressed water bag, the nozzle closure is quite poor, so every time when shipping to tie up the hose, or the backpack stacked as the water will flow from the nozzle all.

4.Water inlet: obviously, the larger the opening is, the easier it is to fill water. Of course, the larger the opening is, the worse the sealing and compressive resistance will be.Most of the nozzles that exist today use screw-on snouts that resemble the LIDS of oil drums, and a handful of snaps for water bags are unexpected for their resistance to press.

5.The loop of the water bag:Many backpacks have a water bag compartment, but it is recommended to try to hang the water bag if possible. The first thing is to avoid the water bag moving back and forth in the bag, which will increase unnecessary physical exertion. The shifting center will also slightly affect the feeling of carrying.

6.Water bag insulation:A water bag, usually can adapt to the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, winter is more trouble, water pipes will freeze, this can be very depressed.Many water bag manufacturers have insulated water bag tubes and water bag covers available, and actually this kind of thing is feasible and cheap by DIY.