How to choose the right outdoor backpack?

- Jun 29, 2019-

Whether it's a first time purchase or an extra supplement, choosing a suitable hiking backpack requires a lot of consideration.

First, clear the type of outdoor travel

This is a very critical step:

1. travel distance

2.the season of travel

3. Terrain and climatic conditions of the destination

4. Activities to be attended during the trip

Second, choose the type of bag

Depending on the type of outdoor activity, choose the right type of backpack and analyze your needs. See the previous article for classification: classification of outdoor bags

Third, buy a bag budget

Knowing your own needs, then you have to look at how much you are willing to spend, how much you have budget, and what kind of package you buy.

The budget for hiking backpacks can be roughly divided into four categories:

Below 500 yuan: Most of these budgets are domestic outdoor brands, and some have a carrying system, but the quality and weight are average, only suitable for leisure walking. Do not push to buy!

500-1000 yuan: You can buy a relatively good backpack, suitable for outdoor new short-term hiking, have a better carrying system, if it is occasionally used for walking, this price is enough.

1000-2500 yuan: mainly for foreign brands, many senior friends use this price of the backpack, more trustworthy! Long-term hiking, and finally have to upgrade to this price, so it is better to be in one step. highly recommended!

More than 2500: It belongs to the outdoor luxury category. Generally, the best friends can't bear it. It is only for the reference of the ashes and the local tyrants.