How to choose the right backpack?(Part 2)

- Apr 23, 2019-

Hiking class

Walking may not be a fun-filled sport. But when you choose to walk, the teeth stick to the end, there will be a feeling of phoenix nirvana. Walking can make us throw away our troubles and calm our minds. I believe this is the case. Now more and more people are participating in the walk.

Generally, hiking is divided into short walks and long walks. There are few items that need to be carried during short walks, so you need a backpack that is light and breathable. When you are on long-distance walking, you need to camp, replenish food, etc. You need to carry more items, so the capacity of the backpack must be large enough.

For long walks, this 65+10L large capacity backpack is perfect. It is mainly made of ripstop material and waterproof coating, which is waterproof and durable. The carrying material is made of 3D space cotton, which can effectively reduce the amount of perspiration. It can keep the back dry and comfortable when walking for long distances.

Leisure travel

When it comes to backpackers, you will immediately think of a word: travel when you leave. This is also the most enviable place for backpackers, the mountains and green waters, the wilderness, the bustling city, all the scenery is on the road. A person, a backpack, where to go to see where.

In general, the main features of the casual backpack are the simple structure, light and portable, and reasonable compartment setting. However, since it is a leisure trip, the most important thing is to be comfortable and free. When choosing a backpack, don't think so much, as long as the style and color are your favorite, right?