How to choose the right backpack?(part 1)

- Apr 22, 2019-

For backpackers, the backpack is the first equipment. When backpackers go to the world, whether the backpack is suitable is related to how far he can go, so how to choose a backpack is very university. As a backpacker, you can live up to the baggage when you travel.

Over the years, backpackers have received more and more attention, and more people have begun to join the backpackers. The development of backpackers has gradually formed a unique cultural style. Just like the cowboys in the western United States, backpackers also have their own personality and have their own style.

Climbing class

Climbing has become one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world. Because of the large number of equipment required for climbing, a matching climbing bag is essential.

The hiking bag has the characteristics of heavy-duty carrying system and waterproofing. Its structural design is compact and not rigid, and it has many features such as many external points, convenient picking and placing, and strong stability. Because climbing activities have to face a variety of environments, sometimes you need to carry equipment such as saddle bag, traveling backpack and hiking bag to use .

The hiking bag(backpack use for reaching the peak) is a special backpack that not only has to be comfortable, but must be very lightweight. At the same time, it is small enough to be stored in a backpack.