How to choose the mountaineering bag that suits you?

- Jul 01, 2019-

1,Select the volume of the backpack according to the number of loaded items.

If the travel time is short and you are not planning to camp outdoors, there are not many items to carry. You should choose a small-capacity backpack. The general manual is 25 to 45 liters. The general structure of the backpack is relatively simple, and there is no external plug or less external plug. In addition to one main bag, usually 3-5 bags are provided for easy sorting and loading. If the travel time is long, or camping equipment is required, To choose a big bag, it is better to use 50 liters to 70 liters. If you need to load a lot of items or a large size, you can choose a large backpack of 80+20 liters, or a backpack with more hangings.

2, according to the purpose of the backpack to choose the type of backpack

The same mountaineering bag, its use is not the same. For example, rock climbing bags specially designed for rock climbing activities are generally not designed with hard support, so that it is easy to carry around, and there are many external points to facilitate hanging equipment. Some styles are also equipped with padding for finishing equipment. The bicycle series package designed for cycling has more emphasis on riding characteristics, and can be divided into a back line bag and a bag. The general meaning of the mountaineering bag, also known as the camping backpack, is designed to take into account the characteristics of various sports forms and the needs of long-distance marching, suitable for mountaineering, adventure and woodland crossing activities. There is also a backpack specially designed for long-distance travel, which is called a multi-purpose bag or a mother-in-law bag. Its split structure is basically the same as that of a mountaineering bag. It can be double shoulders, layered up and down, and is similar to a suitcase, with a cover opening. It can be single shoulder, but also horizontal and vertical. The size and packaging have a connected structure, which can be divided and used conveniently. It is very popular among business travelers. In short, all kinds of backpacks have their own unique scope of application, the best choice for the purchase of packages is dedicated.

3, according to the body choose the size of the carrying system

The backpack's carrying system has a specific range of application. Although the adjustable backpack has a wide range of applications, it is not unlimited. Therefore, it is very important to choose a backpack to choose the size of the carrying system. What size is appropriate? Generally speaking, the waist point of the backpack should be on the waist sleeve above the tailbone. The fulcrum of the shoulder strap should be slightly lower than the shoulder with the shoulder. This is convenient for the adjustment and stress of the force belt. The size of the back is too large to produce a sense of falling, and vice versa, it will have a sense of verticalness, so that the waist is not in place. After the appropriate size is adjusted, the backpack will naturally stick to the back and it will be very comfortable.

4, can not ignore the quality of materials

When choosing a backpack, many people tend to pay more attention to the color and shape of the backpack. In fact, the key to the durability of the backpack lies in the manufacture of materials. From the perspective of the webbing, the price of ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing can be 3~5 times worse, and the belt load capacity of BIGPACK is more than 200 kg. Therefore, the difference in the material is also very large, so the two fabrics have great differences in strength and wear resistance. The fabric is destructively tested on the friction machine, the same as the 500D fabric, the ordinary nylon cloth is damaged at 1075 rpm, and DuPont Nylon cloth is damaged at 3,605 rpm, and its wear resistance is 3 times that of ordinary nylon. The brand-name backpacks in the market are more sophisticated in terms of materials, and the performance quality is also better.

5, good structure and design is the guarantee of superior performance of the backpack

The mountaineering bag has good performance, and the important factor is that its design structure is scientific and reasonable. Good design not only gives you the overall beauty, but more importantly, you can enjoy the excellent performance in use. We can see this visually from the design structure of BIGPACK TOP backpack. The structure of the piggyback system absorbs the principle of Nepalese recitation and adopts a double "V" design. First, the lining aluminum frame is in a "V" shape, and a cross bar is positioned on the shoulder, and the aluminum frame is shaped according to the human body curve, and the user can also fine-tune according to the personal shape; the second is that the backpack loading portion is "V" The shape of the font is wide and narrow, thick and thin, and it is sturdy after being loaded. This structure is more convenient for force transmission. The TOP series is equipped with an ETA-3 adjustment device. The adjustment section is equipped with three holes. The structure is equipped with a structural pad to adjust the position of the hole, which can change the size of the shoulder. Changing the position of the structural pad can move the center of gravity of the backpack up and down. The TOP series backpacks are also designed to increase the volume. The vertical capacity-increasing top bag has a zipper. The zipper can be used to increase the capacity of the backpack by about 10 liters. The horizontal-adjustable backpack has two vertical zippers on the main bag. After being released, the backpack can be thickened to expand the volume, and is particularly suitable for loading large items. Users can adjust their height and width as needed. With such a backpack, it is convenient for your trip.