How to choose high-end waterproof backpack and waterproof bag in outdoor activities?

- May 31, 2019-

1.The main function of waterproof bag is waterproof. There are some waterproof bags on the market. The performance of waterproof bag is very poor. If it is slightly wet or rainy, it will wet the bag, so it must be selected when choosing waterproof bag. Choose a bag with good waterproof performance, of course, you can put a layer of rain cover.

2. Anti-scratch function of waterproof bag When choosing waterproof bag, be sure to choose anti-scratch and anti-smashing waterproof bag; when walking outdoors, it will inevitably go to a wooded place, and the bag will be hung by weed branches. Things, or carrying a bag against the wall and tree bar to rest. If the quality of the waterproof bag is not good and it is easy to break, then the things on your trip cannot be preserved.

3. The tearproof performance of the waterproof bag When choosing the waterproof bag, you must choose the ripstop waterproof bag; when you travel outdoors, we will definitely have some tents, cookware, etc., all in the backpack, then if you The quality of the purchased bag is not good. It is half-wrapped with clothes, and it is torn apart too much, or in the process of walking, as the body shakes, the body can not withstand the important tearing of the bag, it will not be worth the loss.

Most of the waterproof bags now use TPU-fitting fabrics or pvc mesh fabrics, which are professional waterproof fabrics. TPU fit fabric is a layer of TPU, the middle is nylon, the other layer is TPU coating, so its quality is also very good, scratch-resistant, tear-proof! The PVC mesh fabric is a double-layer TPU with a mesh material in the middle, which is very resistant to tearing, scratching and corrosion.