How to choose different types of sports backpacks

- Aug 05, 2019-

First, the kettle pocket

Features: The kettle pocket is usually wide, breathable; easy to pick up and drink; because the water is heavy, consider the balance and stability during exercise, if this design is not good, it will affect the state;

How to choose sports bags: kettles are divided into single pots, double pots and multi-pots, depending on individual needs; in addition to the kettle, there is also a water bag, which has the advantages of easy storage, large capacity and low price. Put it in the belt pocket and take inconvenience.

Applicable people: Long-distance runners who have their own drinking water needs.

Second, the arm package

Features: compact, easy to wear, can be directly controlled outside the bag during exercise; the strap is changed into a widened Velcro form, and the comfort is greatly improved;

How to choose sports bags: Common arm bags mainly include "pocket type" and "touch window type". The former can classify items, and the latter can control the mobile phone during running, and choose how to choose personal needs. It should be noted that the design of the opening and the arm band does not allow sweat to penetrate into the bag, and the breathability is better.

Applicable people: like running with a mobile phone and more things.

Third, the backpack

Features: large capacity, strong functionality, suitable for running, hiking, cycling and many other outdoor activities, can also be used as a travel spare package;

How to choose a sports bag: Be sure to choose a belt or shoulder strap to fix it, which will increase comfort and stability. If it is not a long time outdoor, priority is light and comfortable. The 10 liter capacity is enough, the functionality will be weakened, and the price will be Lower, many international brands are only about 300 yuan; if it is a professional training package, 25 to 30 liters of high-tech is the most suitable, regardless of height 150cm or 200cm, unisex, the price is up to thousands of dollars;

Applicable people: often participate in endurance races, need to carry other equipment and food.