How to choose a waterproof bag?(part 2)

- May 10, 2019-

Material to distinguish

Want to buy before, also can be analysed by material qualitative, in order to accord with his demand.

Silicon nylon material: this material is a popular material in recent years, which is often used in mountaineering products. It is suitable for waterproof bags on the inner layer of backpacks, because it is light in weight and thin in thickness, and is very suitable for mountaineering activities.

EVA material: advanced EVA material is adopted. EVA is three times as elastic as traditional PVC material, but its weight is only half of PVC.To use this waterproof bag, please flatten both ends, turn three to four fold, and then button the button to waterproof.The material is thicker and has better wear resistance.

TPU material: it is made of environment-friendly TPU fabric, which is the thickest and heaviest of the three materials. Because of the thickness, it is most suitable for boat or any water sports.