How to choose a waterproof bag?(part 1)

- May 09, 2019-

  • Choose by function:

Mountaineering, stream tracing: this kind of waterproof bag is put in the backpack, so you can choose a thinner waterproof bag.For example, hiking activities will inevitably encounter bad weather, if the backpack is equipped with waterproof bags, you can ensure that all items will not be lost or damaged by damp!It also ensures that water, even if it seeps into the backpack, will not endanger the equipment.

Canoeing and boat activities: quite different from outdoor activities on land, canoeing and boat activities are equipped with carrying equipment, so the personnel do not have to carry the equipment all the time, so they will only be made into carrying bags.However, as these waterproof bags are often placed on the ground, the fabric is raised to 1000D to increase wear resistance!

Waterproof backpack: the waterproof bag directly into the form of a backpack, such a commodity in the stream or fishing very useful!However, there is a big disadvantage, which is that this kind of backpack carrying system is not very good. When the number of days is more than three days or the weight is more than ten kilograms, the comfort level of this series of backpack will be greatly reduced!

Mountaineering, stream can use the structure of the simplest waterproof bag, but because of the thin fabric, so it is more suitable for use in backpack.Waterproof bags are also designed to be more casual in order to meet the changing needs of the consumer market.Waterproof backpacks are also a good choice for light hiking.

Water sports such as canoeing may use waterproof bag fabric up to 1000D or use heavier PVC as the surface cloth to increase wear resistance!