How to choose a trolley bag?

- Aug 15, 2019-

1.Look at the lever

The lever of the drawbar bag should be very convenient to disassemble, and it can be unloaded in seconds, and it is best to be compatible with a variety of schoolbags, so as to avoid the special bag being broken, the entire trolley bag can not be used. The height of the drawbar can be adjusted, generally adjustable in three sections, and suitable for primary school students from 1.15 m to 1.68 m.

2. Look at the pulley

The pulley of the trolley bag should be strong and wear-resistant, can handle all kinds of complicated road surface, generally three- or six-wheel design, widen the chassis, can easily climb the stairs, and is not easy to roll over.

3. Look at the partition

The partition of the trolley bag should be more and more reasonable, which can not only play the role of sorting textbooks and various stationery, but also make the weight distribution of the bag even. To have a hidden storage opening, the strap is not dragged or worn.

4. Look at the material

The material of the drawstring bag is light and wearable, and you can choose the rucksack made of nylon or PVC. In addition, you should avoid too many metal buckles or metal zippers in the bag, because too many metal accessories can increase the weight of the bag, and may also cause damage to the back.