How to choose a travel backpack in summer?

- Jun 11, 2019-

1, the back of the backpack must be breathable

Traveling in the summer, you can sweat with a light walk. If the backpack is not ventilated, it will be oiled on the fire. The wet back will seriously affect people's play experience. More importantly, if the back sweat is not volatile. If the wind blows, it is easy to catch a cold and affect your health. Therefore, if you choose a summer travel backpack, the back of the backpack must be cooled and breathable, so as to bring a good carrying experience.


2, choose to be strong and durable

In summer, the outdoor temperature is high. If you choose a travel backpack, you should pay attention to choosing a durable and high-temperature resistant backpack. It should be known that some materials cannot be exposed to high temperature, otherwise it will be embrittled, cracked, damaged, etc. When you are outdoors, if your backpack can't be used due to high temperature exposure, it can be troublesome. Sometimes, in the wild, where to find a backpack to load all the items, so before you buy a backpack, be sure to advance Find out if the backpack is durable and resistant to high temperatures, and choose to be durable.

3, to choose the right backpack capacity

Capacity is an important reference indicator for travel backpacks. Generally, if you are traveling within 3 days, you can choose a backpack of 20-30L or so. For a trip of more than 3 days, it is best to have a backpack of 40L or more. If you go to a place with many specialties, then you have to choose a bigger backpack so that you can bring back the specialties you need.