How to choose a single-shoulder slant bag?

- Jun 25, 2019-

Brand, quality, style... These are the issues we consider when we buy a shoulder-shoulder bag. Casual shoulder-slung cross-bags of different styles and styles give us different trends. Combine various purchasing factors. Here are some good shopping tips.

First: manual texture

No matter how much time you spend on buying a men's shoulder bag, you want to buy a workmanship. The style is selected, but before paying, be sure to carefully check whether the surface of the shoulder bag and the interlayer are not unstitched. The connection position of the strap is firm; if there are metal accessories, be sure to understand whether the material is easy to fade, buttons and Whether the function of the zipper is perfect or not is a non-negligible method. The most important is the quality of the suture process between the shoulder belt and the body, between the fabric, the cover and the body, to ensure the necessary stitching firmness, and for the men's shoulder bag, workmanship and leather is extremely important. .

Second: the price of men's shoulder bag

In the selection of the package, according to its leather texture, workmanship and price ratio to choose, the service is perfect, fine workmanship, fashionable style and simple style, leather selection quality, feel soft, get the real thing will be found Value, so this is the perfect choice

Third: the relationship between bags and leather

Men's shoulder bag leather will have fine lines under the pressure of the fingers, and the better the leather, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The texture of the cowhide is dense and the pores are arranged in irregular dots.

Fourth: structural design

The structural design of the men's bag is the most important because it determines the practicality, durability, comfort and many other aspects of the bag. The function of the package is not as good as possible. The overall design should be simple and practical, and avoid the fancy.