How to choose a Mummy bag

- Oct 29, 2019-

Now the Diaper bag has a lot of styles, so it will be more difficult to pick. Like cotton, canvas, oxford, and leather are common in fabrics.

1,When choosing a Mummy bag, first consider the size of the bag, choose according to your height and body size, and also look at how many things you need to take each time you go out, choose the right size.

2,secondly consider the style, mostly shoulder-slung, but some designs can be hung on the bassinet or the stroller, you can carefully consider when choosing. The design of the bag style and the design of the liner are very important. When purchasing, you need to carefully select according to your own preferences and needs.

3,the last is environmental protection and waterproof, etc., is also more important. To ask in detail, make a decision.