How to choose a laptop bag

- May 11, 2019-

Function selection: Business computer bag has computer compartment and file compartment; computer bag considers the protection of computer; business bag considers the classification of documents and business items outside the computer;

Force bearing parts: the joint position of the hand, the hook of the strap, the stitching position of the D buckle, the bottom of the bag, etc. determine the force tolerance of a briefcase. Therefore, we must pay attention to the strength of the hook when purchasing, whether the stitching part is fixed by rivets, knots or cross-shaped car lines, and whether the bottom is made of better nylon thread (such as four times 3*3 nylon thread) After sewing, weaving with a nylon webbing, etc.;

The choice of details: When choosing a briefcase, pay attention to the choice of details, whether the small change bag inside the briefcase, the key hook, the pen bag, the file bag, the computer compartment and even the pocket of the cigarette and the lighter are designed and designed. reasonable. Only more details are considered a good briefcase for you.

The raw materials commonly used in the bags are mostly nylon (nylon) and polyester (polyester). Occasionally, there are two kinds of materials mixed together, nylon and polyester. These two materials are extracted from petroleum. Nylon is better than polyester, and it is certainly more expensive. In terms of performance. Nylon is softer.

Polyester fabric performance

1. Good anti-wrinkle and heat preservation.

2, high strength, easy to wash quickly.

3. Good heat resistance.

4, good stability against sunlight.

5, strong wear resistance.

6, chemical properties are relatively stable.

7. Antibacterial and microbial effects.

Nylon fabric performance

1. Good wear resistance.

2. High strength.

3. High elastic recovery and good fatigue resistance.

4. Good moisture absorption performance.

5. It has the characteristics of light weight.

6, good alkali resistance.