How to choose a backpack?

- Jun 15, 2020-

Choose a backpack that is proportional to your body, that is neither too big nor too small for you, and is durable, comfortable and well-spaced. The perfect backpack should be able to turn into a travel backpack and a day backpack or work backpack in an instant.

However, some activity-specific backpacks can hardly double as multifunctional backpacks. Never turn a hiking backpack into a travel backpack or backpack, and vice versa. The size, material, frame, lack of compartments, and inability to lock, make it impossible for hiking backpacks to obtain the most reliable travel backpack position.

If you prefer a travel backpack, please purchase a multipurpose backpack or something that can be easily used as a travel backpack. There are many benefits of swapping backpacks for luggage or wheeled luggage, including ease of movement, reducing the risk of loss or theft, and reducing the burden. In addition, the backpack will force you to pack the necessities only when traveling, and can be used as hand luggage if it meets the size requirements of airline hand luggage.

When choosing a backpack, you should pay close attention to the following three main factors: durability, comfort, and price.