How to buy a suitable ridged schoolbag

- Aug 09, 2019-

Studies have shown that the excessive burden of cervical vertebra not only causes the younger disease of cervical spondylosis, but also makes the trend of rejuvenation of cervical-derived diseases increasingly obvious. The age of onset is 10 to 15 years old on average, and the children’s overweight bags have also caused Social concerns.

A good children's schoolbag should be like this. Such a schoolbag is carried on the back, and the child does not feel tired. If you want to promote an ergonomics to protect the spine, then choose a ridged schoolbag!

1.Rucksack bag with belt

The weight of the bag can be unloaded on the pelvis to relieve the pressure on the spine, but the position of the belt must be on the pelvis.

2.the cushion on the back of the bag

The cushion is a buffer between the book and the back, so that the book does not directly press on the back, and the pitted cushion is more helpful for heat dissipation.

3.There should be a fixed partition and buckle in the bag.

The partition layer can fix books or sundries in different compartments, and then fasten them with buckles to prevent the book from shaking or falling to one side.

4.the material of the bag should be able to bear the weight, not easy to deform

Avoid dropping the contents of the bag so that the weight cannot be dispersed.

5.with a center of gravity design

The book is placed in the inner center of the center of gravity, and the back of the book is placed so that the back of the book is kept straight and the posture is well maintained.

6.equipped with shoulder pressure relief device

It can effectively transfer the weight of the bag from the shoulder to the pelvis, reducing the pressure on the neck and shoulders.

7.the spine pressureless design

The middle part provides a pressure-free space that reduces the chance of the bag hitting the spine as the child walks.