How to buy a briefcase bags for men?

- Sep 30, 2019-

1.choose the briefcase bag is best with the uniform color of the clothing, because the color of the briefcase is relatively monotonous, so black with a dark suit, yellow or brown with a light suit is better.

2. For professional men who mainly dress up in suits, it is recommended to use a brown briefcase. The brown men's bags range from bright light brown to calm dark brown. They are also lighter than black, and the brown color gives the impression of men's loyalty.

3.metal buckle is also a standard to determine the quality of a briefcase, so be sure to pay attention when purchasing.

4.Grasp the popular factors. Don't leave the fashion too far, nowadays it's retro, so the skin of the bag you choose is a high-quality leather that has been hand-wiped by post-treatment. In other words, don't buy the one that is directly sewn with ordinary leather. The simple craft bag, in addition, the briefcase brand is also very important. coordinate with your clothing. Just don't wear a suit and a bag, but carry a big sailor bag, or a street-style dress with a computer bag-shaped bag, which is uncoordinated. To treat the bag as your tie or shoes, it is one with you, don't let the bag out of your whole.