How to adjust the outdoor backpack

- May 28, 2019-

Test back step

1. Before the backpack, loosen all the adjustment belts and add weight. If you have the weight, you will know the feeling of the backpack and the adjustment range.

3, the shoulder strap and backpack connection must be 5-8 cm below the shoulder, and the gap between the shoulder strap and the backpack should be small.

4. The chest strap can adjust the width of the shoulder strap to open and close on the chest, and make the shoulder strap more comfortable on the shoulder, and can prevent the backpack from shaking.

5. After adjusting the backpack to the most suitable position, should you check the line of sight of the head? Can you look up and not touch the top of the backpack? Can I still look up to the sky when I put on my helmet? Is the backpack and back contact part comfortable and breathable? Special attention should also be paid to the width and quality of the shoulder strap and hip belt.


1, the adjustment range of the shoulder strap must be consistent with the length of the back, in order to make the center of gravity fall in the ideal position;

2, the hip belt must be able to be tied to the tibia.

3, when you carry your backpack, you should be able to see the buttocks and legs from the back. Women who are more petite should pay special attention to this. Don't pick up the backpack and only see the backpack and calf from the back. This is very wrong and dangerous.