How do trekking poles be stored in outdoor backpacks?

- May 23, 2019-

The trekking pole storage method of the large mountaineering backpack:

The medium and large backpacks have storage loops designed with trekking poles that can be inserted with the tip of the stick down and secured with elastic cords. Some people are accustomed to symmetrical storage on both sides, and some people like to bundle together, depending on personal preference, based on safe and good use. If you have a sleeping pad hanging under the backpack, you can also put the tip of the stick up to avoid piercing the sleeping pad.

Trekking pole storage method for small mountaineering backpack:

Some small backpacks do not have a storage ring for the trekking poles. Then we can put the poles of the trekking poles up, avoid piercing the side pockets, and then use the straps on both sides to fix the trekking poles.

Hail storage:

Like the trekking pole, the hail uses the rope loop on the mountaineering backpack to put the hail tip into the rope loop and then reverse it upwards, just forming a fixed point, and then fixing the end of the hail, so that it will not sway.