How do I pack my skis when flying?

- Jan 07, 2020-

step 1

Check your checked baggage fees with the airline before you travel. Additional baggage and baggage over a certain weight require higher air travel costs. Airlines may also have specific rules for packing skis in flight.

Step 2

Cover the tip of the ski pole with a soldering iron cap. Alternatively, wrap a piece of foam tube insulation around the tip and secure it in place with a rubber band. This prevents the ski poles from tearing the ski bag or hurting the luggage inspector.

Step 3

Pack your skis and poles in a padded ski duffel bag. Do not leave skis outside the luggage bag as they may get stuck in the luggage transfer system used at most airports.

Step 4

Place folded or rolled clothing in a sleigh bag. The garment provides extra padding so you can carry less luggage while traveling, minimizing the cost of air luggage.

Step 5

Include a luggage tag with your contact information on the outside and inside of the suitcase. If the outer tag is missing, the inner tag can help you reunite with your destination ski.