How can I make the bag life last longer?

- Jun 03, 2019-

Early start of proper leather care

It seems that it only takes a year or two of new packages. The actual age is over 40 years old. In the vintages shop in New York, Paris and other places, all kinds of antique bags are leading the way. If you want your own beauty bag to become an "immortal classic", you should use professional leather care products to carefully maintain it in the early days. This is the biggest secret of bag care. It must not be sent to a professional store for maintenance only after the bag is damaged, which is often "repented."

Correct use habit

Proper use habits can extend the life of leather goods. The new bag must avoid collision and scratching with hard and sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface leather. Avoid putting heavy objects in the bag to avoid wrinkles and deformation. Long-term direct light and heating can discolor, discolor and deform the bag. It is best not to put the girl's lotion and other things directly in the bag, be sure to use the cosmetic bag.

Autumn and winter seasons carefully collected

The bags that are not used in the fall and winter seasons should be collected in time, and the dust on the bags can be wiped off with a sponge or a soft cloth. The bag is then filled with paper balls to maintain the original shape. Finally, wrap the bag with the original non-woven bag, and put one or two mothballs or a pack of moisture-proofing agent in the bag, and store the bag in a clean and ventilated place. If there is a cabinet with a louver door, it is better. It is best not to put too many items in it.

Oil stain treatment

1) When the product is cleaned, the detergent can be directly washed with the detergent. If it is not black or red, the dark color fabric can be lightly brushed with detergent.

2) Pure white fabric can be removed by brushing the grease with a thinner bleach (1:10 dilution).

3) Soak for 10 minutes with detergent (6 drops of detergent in each pot of water, stir evenly), and then routinely.

4) Dilute with oxalic acid before washing, then wipe the contaminated area with a toothbrush and then carry out routine treatment.


Ballpoint handwriting removal method

1) Ball-shaped handwriting of colored fabrics, which can be treated with 95% alcohol.

2) Before cleaning, use Amway to directly brush on the handwriting. Do not touch the water. Leave it for 5 minutes and then routinely handle it.

Fabric fading treatment (except black fabric)

1) Soak in concentrated brine for 1 minute.

2) Change the salt water to clean water and brush evenly with a soft brush of soapy water.

Moldy treatment

Soak for 40 minutes in warm soapy water of 40 degrees, and then carry out routine treatment. For the pure white fabric, after soaking in soapy water, leave the mildew in the sun for 10 minutes, then carry out routine treatment.

Send to professional care facility maintenance

Regularly use the same color of the shoe cream to wipe the bag, so that the leather is kept bright and moist, avoid using liquid shoe polish. When applying the shoe polish to the leather, apply it to a soft cloth or sponge and then wipe the bag. If professional tools are missing, it is recommended to take them to a professional care facility such as L&C Leather Studio for maintenance.