Five common problems in boarding cases

- Jan 15, 2020-

1.What is the difference between a trolley case bag and a board case?

The boarding case is a type of trolley case, but the trolley case may not always be available for boarding. The so-called registration box is only smaller than the airline's required luggage bag that can be directly carried on the plane. Beyond this size, you must check in your luggage at the check-in counter. So the so-called boarding case refers to a trolley case that meets a certain size range. And the concept of ordinary trolley case is relatively broad, there are big and small, you may not always be able to take the plane with you.

2.Does the size of the boarding case count as a wheel?

The size of the boarding case needs to include the wheels, because the wheels will occupy the same space when checked. However, the regulations of different airlines may be different. Some airlines have slightly broader standards, and larger ones are fine. However, some airlines are stricter and do not allow any standards to be exceeded.

3.What are the specifications of the boarding case?

The boarding box size recommended by IATA (International Air Transport Association) is generally stipulated that the sum of the dimensions of the three sides does not exceed 115CM. The rules of different airlines are different, and you can ask the criteria of the airline you will be flying to choose in advance. Generally, the lower the ticket price, the less free luggage.

4.What are the common sizes of boarding cases?

The common dimensions of boarding cases are less than 20 inches. Generally speaking, 16, 17, 18, and 20 inch suitcases can be boarded directly. However, because each suitcase has different standards, not all 20 inch suitcases can. Perfect boarding. Even some 18- and 19-inch suitcases may have to be checked because their length, width, and height do not comply with airline regulations.

5.What is the weight requirement of the boarding case?

The weight of the general boarding case is 5kg ~ 7kg. The weight of the boarding case of some international airlines is 10kg. The specific weight depends on the regulations of the airline.