Etiquette common sense for business handbags

- Dec 04, 2019-

Traveling with high-end men's bags, such as business handbags and business bags, decided to show the extraordinary temperament of men. So, what is the etiquette common sense to carry bags, bags and other luggage supplies everyday?

When interviewing or meeting with customers, be careful not to shake the bag back and forth when carrying a business bag; the bag or bag used in important business occasions should not be too luxurious. Attending business banquets, men can use small handbags; keep your body natural when carrying business handbags, and don't hold it tightly with your hands to avoid the feeling of tension. When carrying a business handbag, avoid scratching or touching it with hard objects, and avoid rain, sun, and wind.

4 precautions for using business handbags

1. Don't mess with bags. Before going out, everything you carry should be stored in the briefcase as much as possible. This is convenient to use and not difficult to find elsewhere. But remember, do n’t put useless things in your bag, especially do n’t make them “overswell”. The items in the bag must be organized neatly. Try not to put personal belongings in a briefcase.

2. Don't mess with the bag. After entering other people's rooms, you should consciously place the briefcase on the floor near the place where you are seated, or at a designated place, and never place it on a table or chair. Also in public places, be careful not to let the briefcase interfere with others.

3. Don't use more bags. Working abroad, sometimes without a briefcase. If you want to bring it, you should limit it to one.

4. Don't show off with a bag. Before using the briefcase, be sure to remove the attached leather logo. In front of outsiders, don't show the precious and high-end of the briefcase you use, don't give people the impression of publicity, and don't be impressed.