Common backpack fabric introduction(part 1)

- Jun 26, 2019-

1) Thread generally includes Nylon line and Poly line. The nylon thread generally has the full name "NYLON210DTHREAD3PLYBONDED69" in the following form. Among them, Nylon is said to be textured and nylon. It looks smoother and brighter. 210D represents fiber strength. 3PLY represents a wire that is spun from three wires, called a triple wire. Generally, nylon threads are used for joint sewing. The Poly line looks like a lot of small hairs, similar to cotton. The full name "POLYSPUN30S4PLY" is generally expressed in the following form. Generally used for knotting.

2) Tape

Tape generally has two textures, Nylon and Poly. Nylon's edge looks more delicate, feels softer, and costs more than Poly. Nylon's edge is usually used on very high-end bags. Poly's pattern is thicker and the feel is not very soft. There is also a PP edge, which is the most widely used on a backpack because it feels like Nylon. With the Poly material, Nylon can be achieved and the cost can be reduced. Generally, the strength of the edge is represented by "210x210", its width varies from 10MM to 40MM, and there is a wider, but rare. There is also a "V" BIAS edge, which has a grain like a V-shape and is generally folded. The edge is generally used on the edge of the backpack. For example, where the backpack is seamed, it can be prevented from breaking the seam line by using the edge pack after the joint. Generally good backpacks except for the bright lines, other dark lines can not be exposed, all covered by the edge.

3) Zipper, Slider

The more famous zippers are YKK and YBS. I personally think that YKK's zipper is top grade. The best package is generally made of YKK zipper. Outdoor backpacks do not use plastic zippers, all of which are metal. The zippers used on general mountaineering bags are all 5 and 8. If it is a YKK zipper, you can reverse the zipper to see how big it is. There are also special zippers, such as RainGuard and Reversed. The relationship between the good and bad of a bag and the zipper is very large. If the load-bearing capacity of the zipper is not good, can it still hold things?

4) Oxford belt, webbing (Webbing)

Ribbons are also available in Nylon and Poly. Nylon's webbing is of good quality and soft to the touch. Considering the cost, only the best package will use it. Poly's webbing is used on most bags. The webbing uses the same "600x400" as the edge to indicate the strength. There are also some special webbings, such as a webbing of different widths, which is generally used as a vertical column. The load-bearing capacity of the webbing is very good, so it is generally used to connect the lower-flying strap of the strap, and it is used as a side pull belt, a belt and the like. The webbing is generally used in conjunction with a buckle or a buckle.

5) Tower buckle (Velcro)

The so-called tower buckle is the kind of material that one side is the one side of the hair, and the two materials can be glued together. It is generally nylon. Use the package or other location. The tower buckle can be used to design some conveniently removable pendants.