Cleaning and maintenance guide for outdoor hiking bags

- May 20, 2019-

How to clean outdoor hiking bag:

If it is too dirty, use a neutral detergent to clean the backpack and then dry it in a cool place, but avoid exposure for too long, because the ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth. The maintenance process should still pay attention to the basic maintenance. If the backpack is scratched, it should be selected immediately. The thicker needle thread is the needle that is specially used to sew the seat cushion, and the nylon thread can be fired.

The backpack must be in a cool, dry environment to avoid mildew damage to the outer layer of the backpack cloth. Check the main support points on weekdays, such as belts, shoulder straps, stability of the carrying system, to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket, zipper Change it, don't wait until something slips out of the backpack to remedy it.

How to maintain outdoor hiking bag:

1. When going out for a trip, avoid the hiking bag from contacting some sharp stones or branches of thorns, causing the hiking bag to be scratched. Prevent nighttime, rats or other animals from biting the mountaineering bag. Maybe you will say that these things are inevitable, but you can minimize the probability of these events if you have the heart.

2, the mountaineering bag should not be installed too full, this will lead to the deformation of the mountaineering bag, the durability of the material is also greatly reduced. The mountaineering bag is under great pressure for a long time and may break at any time.

3, do not install some hard, sharp items inside the mountaineering bag, which is easy to cause internal injuries.

4. When cleaning the hiking bag, if it is difficult to clean the water in some places, it is recommended to use a brush to dip the alcohol brush, so that it can be cleaned cleanly, and then dried in a dry and ventilated place after washing. Do not expose to the sun.

5. When not in use, stuff the newspaper into the hiking bag, keep the shape of the bag and put it in a dry place.