Choose shoulder bag

- Sep 26, 2019-

Choose shoulder bag

Shoulder bags cover most of the scenes, work, study, shopping, sports.

It can be fitted, colored and backed for anything.

1. Preventing (splashing) water: no water in the rain bag

I'm ready to be sprayed on the first item. After all, almost all the bags on the market are waterproof. However, after all, waterproof, anti-splashing, water after the appearance of different. First of all, when you see nylon, ballistic nylon, Cordura and polyester fabric bags on the market, you can think of them as anti-splash water. What is the concept of anti-splash water? When the zipper is closed, a bottle of 500 ml drinking water is poured on the bag, and then the water on the bag is thrown away. Paper products in the bag will not be wet but may be damp, and there will be no water droplets in the bag; heavy rain pours without an umbrella, raining for three minutes to reach the shelter, the bag will not see water droplets. When you see cotton, jeans and other clothing fabrics, you need to be cautious. These bags are generally good-looking, high-color and self-proof, but untreated fabrics are either dead or poor-waterproof. Of course, the choice of mood, face value and shoulders is a very personal topic.

2. Laptop cabin/water bag cabin (plus points, unfortunately never seen before): Dinner alone

When the Swiss Army Knife series backpacks became popular, the notebook compartment became the basic configuration of double-shoulder backpacks. At present, almost all the backpacks on the market and business side have such a notebook compartment, which is usually located close to the back. Outdoor backpack, get on the table basically have water bag cabin configuration. Moreover, as a man with a hole in his head, I sometimes like to climb mountains with my laptop on my back, so I want to find a backpack with both a laptop cabin and a water bag cabin. This attempt has naturally failed. The solution is to pack outdoor water bags and buy additional notebook jackets. To emphasize the importance, here again, notebooks are productivity tools, water is life-saving, so these two compartments are very important.

3. Backpack: Wide backband foundation, back diversion plus points, adjustable waist seal plus inner frame back diversion ideal

25 years ago, shoulder? It's good to have a backpack; 20 years ago, a backpack? It's good to have a wide strap. So how did you recite those heavy books and exercise books when you were in school? Broad straps are the basis of carrying. The wider the straps, the lower the pressure on shoulders, the more comfortable the carrying is. It's easy to sweat on the back for a long time, so the back diversion system, or what I call the "dead and alive" system, has to have a slightly comfortable passage, but it's hard to avoid sweating in the 38 degree sun. For outdoor bags, the gluteus maximus bears most of the backpack weight in the process of carrying, which comes from the function of lumbar seals, and has a miraculous effect on shoulder burden reduction. However, purely business bags do not seem to have seen waistbands