Carrying a backpack, putting down your backpack, and paying attention to it.

- Jul 11, 2019-

The shoulder and shoulders of the backpack are the basic movements of using a large backpack. The more commonly used upper shoulders are: two-legged standing and bowing, double-handed shoulder straps to put the backpack on the thighs of the forefoot, one hand first put on the shoulder strap and shoulder to support the backpack with one shoulder, then the other hand Quickly insert the shoulder strap on the other side to complete the shoulder movement of the backpack.

Another commonly used method of the upper shoulder is to drag the backpack to a higher place. The person can put the two hands into the shoulder strap at the same time with a slight squat, and the shoulder movement is completed after standing up. After completing the upper shoulder movement, do not rush forward, and adjust the various adjustment belts of the backpack to make appropriate adjustments to advance in the most comfortable carrying condition. The lower shoulder of the backpack is a reverse action. When you put down your backpack, you should gently put it down. If you drop it, you can easily damage the backpack.

The second type of upper shoulders is not only labor-saving, but also can be used as a short break without a backpack. When we are halfway off, we often rely on the big backpack to the higher side of the road. Take it easy to get on or off the backpack or not.