Canvas fabric basics

- Jun 21, 2019-

The canvas bag is a cloth bag made of canvas, and its cost is slightly higher than that of the non-woven bag, but its durability and firmness are much higher than that of the non-woven fabric, which is still very high in cost performance. The most popular items of many environmentalists, we strongly recommend strong companies to use canvas environmental protection bags to make promotional materials. We have summarized some of the advantages of some canvas bags:

1. The material of the canvas bag is the same as the material of the ordinary cotton bag, which is taken from natural cotton.

2, strong and durable, carefully observed after two years of environmentally friendly canvas bags without any damage, but some places opened the line, no holes or scratches, and non-woven bags are relatively fragile.

3, fashion and moving, many business units for their propaganda, will design their own bags are very beautiful, from the function is also very full with lining, with zipper, with mobile phone bag, bag compartment, with dark layers, etc., consider carefully Exquisite workmanship. The eco-friendly canvas bag has many styles and new styles. It can be used as a general green shopping bag, and can also be used as a promotional gift for enterprises.

4, cleaning is easier, not easy to deform after washing, this is much stronger than non-woven fabric, but non-woven bag cleaning is inconvenient.