Basic knowledge of cycling backpacks

- Jun 13, 2019-

Carrying system: The backpack is equipped with a certain weight on the back. A reasonable carrying system can effectively decompose the weight on the body, reduce the body's fatigue and protect the body from harm. The carrying system is generally composed of a shoulder strap, a belt, and a chest strap.

The parts of the shoulder belt that are in contact with the body are required to be soft, breathable and load-bearing. The tightness of the shoulder strap and belt can be adjusted freely. A typical backpack has a force ring or belt on both shoulder straps, which can be pulled by hand to reduce the pressure on the shoulder or back of the backpack.

Because many cycling backpacks can be used for multiple purposes, they have a similar structure, but we strongly recommend: When riding, don't leave your hands and hook the force ring (belt), because it is very dangerous. At present, many backpacks have a shoulder strap structure that can be adjusted at will to adapt to different heights of backpackers. The role of the chest strap is to connect the two shoulder straps on the chest to ensure a stable back and even force.

Fluorescent structure: Anyone who has experience in driving knows that in the case of dark light and when the car is turned on, it is difficult to find out if there is no reflective point in front of the person and the car. Therefore, many riding backpacks use fluorescent materials in some parts to ensure that the front rider is easily found by the driver who drives behind.

Water bag: There is now a water bag suitable for cycling and hiking. It is placed inside the backpack and extends from the tube to the mouth. It can ensure that the user can drink water at any time and any place. Many riding bags or more The use bag has a structure for installing water bags. There are eye-catching signs on the backpack. Different brands of backpacks have different signs, some are blue big water drops, some are a dripping faucet.

Waterproof structure: People have joys and sorrows, and there are unexpected events. Even if you are a very careful person, look at the weather forecast before going out, but the weather forecast has a false positive. If you have a heavy rain, your backpack is not waterproof, and there are a lot of expensive equipment such as cameras in your bag, it is a very tragic thing. Therefore, waterproofing is also an indicator for selecting a cycling bag.

Many backpack fabrics are now PU waterproof, but the weak links are stitching and zippers. Therefore, some backpacks also provide a rain cover, which can be purchased separately....