Backpack purchase

- Aug 20, 2019-

1. The capacity of the backpack

Capacity is an important reference indicator for travel backpacks. Generally, if you travel within 3 days, you can choose a backpack with a length of about 30L. For a trip of more than 3 days, you should have a backpack with more than 50L. If you go to a place with many specialties, then you have to choose a bigger backpack so that you can bring back the specialties you need.

2. The quality of the backpack

There may not be a lot of things to carry out on a trip, but there are certainly a lot of things to bring back. At this time, a good quality backpack is needed. The journey is very bumpy. If the quality of the backpack is very poor, the shoulder strap and the strap are easy to crack, and the thread is very loose. Therefore, the backpack's strap joint needs special inspection.

3. Comfortable backpack

The backpack has a long back, and it is easy to get stuck on the shoulder or the shoulder. The role of the shoulder strap is very important. If it is good quality and materials, it will remember the outline of your shoulder and let you The back is very stable and comfortable.

4. Backpack cloth

If the tourist is rainy, buy a backpack made of waterproof material so that even if it is rained, it will not wet the contents of the backpack. If you don't really have a cold backpack, then at least add a waterproof backpack cover. This accessory is very common in sports stores.

5. The use of backpacks

If you are climbing a mountain, try to choose a mountaineering bag because it has many straps and is very strong on the back. It is more convenient to climb the mountain. If you travel with many people and want to stay in the wild, you need to carry more items. backpack. If it is a city trip or a regular attraction, a general backpack is enough. Too big or too complicated is not conducive to queuing, going in and out of security, and frequently opening things.