Advertising umbrella, printing method for personalized umbrella

- Jul 25, 2019-

1, manual screen printing

        Most of the advertising umbrellas use the method of hand-screen printing. First, the film to be printed is made out of the film, and then the hand-screened screen is printed out by the film. Silk screen printing is to use the screen oil leakage method to print the umbrella cloth, and the picture is sun-dried on the screen. There are oil and gas in the place where there are pictures and pictures, and there is no oil leakage in the place where there is no picture. Manual silk screen is characterized by lower opening costs, higher labor costs and ink costs. It is suitable for printing a small pattern, and it is also suitable for simple small pattern printing of full version. It is not suitable for pattern printing with large area and large color. The method of silk screen printing on the umbrella is to first cut the umbrella cloth into triangle pieces, and put the triangle pieces on the table surface. You can also cut the whole cloth into open sections and use a large screen version for a period of time. Printed.

2, heat transfer printing method

Heat transfer printing features is to make a network type gravure engraving, plate making costs are relatively high (usually a color in 2000~3000 yuan, the size of the specific umbrella to determine), suitable for large orders. Thermal transfer printing is divided into Two major printing and transfer printing film processing, printing printing film using network printing resolution (300 dpi), the design is printed on thin film surface in advance, printing the design level of rich, colourful, go, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can Meet the requirements of design patterns is effect, and is suitable for mass production.

Install the sublimation spent membrane on thermal transfer printing machine for printing, the operation is simple, the design of a forming, need not tinted stamping processing through the thermal transfer machine (pressurized heating) in one time will be fine pattern on the printing film heat Transfer in the umbrella cloth surface, the surface layer and the printing ink after molding product dissolve into an organic whole, lifelike beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of the product. However, due to the high technical content of the process, many materials need to And the effect pattern is more natural and clear.And its printing will not be out of shape, feel or like dyeing cloth, will not harden. More suitable for the full version of complex and difficult printing patterns.Complex patterns, colors Of various design patterns, the choice of heat transfer printing is better.When customers customize a large number of exquisite pattern advertising umbrellas, rainbow umbrellas a Re made by heat transfer printing method for customers.

But why do people choose heat transfer printing when the number is large?In addition to quality problems, the most important is the output than the output of the problem, heat transfer printing one hour can be printed on the thousand yards of cloth, on the Qian zhi umbrella, the number of large orders of the umbrella, umbrella manufacturers usually use heat transfer printing method. The plate-making fee spread on each umbrella, the cost is not high.

3, digital heat transfer printing

Digital heat transfer printing features is not to produce an electric engraving, but digital heat transfer printing an hour can only print dozens of umbrellas.Production is very low, so if only do some less quantity, commemorative, personalized quality goods type of umbrella, the choice of digital printing instead saved the cost of making electric engraving, do not need to make the cost down or more real.

4, hot

Hot its characteristics are bright, layer sense and three-dimensional sense of strong, thick ink, feel hard.It is not suitable for full-face screen printing, only suitable for small pattern printing.Suitable for some customers who need to achieve some special effects.

5, the pad printing

Pad printing with steel plate and rubber head on the substrate for printing, text and text on the steel plate, there is ink on the steel plate, the text and text on the steel plate first transfer to the rubber head, and then print on the substrate, high-grade umbrella head umbrella end printed LOGO, most is the use of pad printing method.