According to the different types of outdoor activities, the backpacks used are different.

- Jun 28, 2019-

Rock climbing bags specially designed for rock climbing activities are generally not designed with hard support. In order to facilitate the deformation of the body, there are more external points for the purpose of hanging equipment. Some styles are also equipped with cloth for finishing equipment.

The general meaning of the mountaineering bag, which can be called a camping backpack, is designed to take into account the characteristics of various sports forms and the needs of long-distance marching, suitable for mountaineering, adventure and woodland crossing activities.

The backpack specially designed for long-distance travel is called a multi-purpose bag or a mother-in-law bag. Its overall structure is basically the same as that of a mountaineering bag. It can be double shoulders, layered up and down, and is similar to a suitcase, a cover-opening, and can be single. Shoulder, can also be horizontal and vertical. The size package has a conjoined structure, which can be easily combined and used, and is very popular among business travelers. 

The technical backpack designed for snow mountain climbers generally does not have a large capacity, but experienced climbers can pack a lot of essential items into the technical backpack. And outside the technical backpack there is a dedicated location dedicated to tying hail and crampons. The general technical backpack fabric is thicker to prevent the rock and ice blade from being scratched during the climbing process. All kinds of backpacks have their own unique scope of application, the best choice for purchasing is dedicated.

The top pack, an ultra-light backpack designed for fast mountaineering and topping, can be used for down jackets, hot water bottles, essential foods and some equipment. Convenient for hanging snow cones, trekking poles, hail, light weight and waterproof.