Full Face Safety Face Shield

1.double-sided protective mask
2.Isolation protective mask
3.high light transmission pet material
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Product Details

Safety Full Face Mask Hat Protective Face Shield 

Product Description

Product Features:
1.Super Light and thin.No pain or strain after wearing it for long time.                                                          2.It doesn’t fog easily. Made of imported high transparent and hardness material.                                3.It won’t be scratched after cleaning with alcohol. The inner side is anti-misting treated.                          4.Mild fog will be fade quickly when the room temperature is low.                                                              5.All round protection. All three sides protection. Protect ears, eyes, mouth and nose at 180 degrees. 6.Simple to use, high elasticity foam head band and adjustable cord


7.Customized shields are acceptable. Customized logo, words or logo can be printed on the shield. 8.Widely and easily used. Suitable for using at medical institution, office, metro, bus, factory, supermarket, school, house and other public places.

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