Nonwoven 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Protective Mask
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Manufacturer Disposable 3Ply Face Mask
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Our products are fully certified according to USA FDA, CE of EU, GB of China and other international standards.
We have advanced production technology, strict production process management and perfect quality assurance system, we take the "quality for survival, innovation for development" for guiding ideology, always put quality and innovation in the first place, constantly improve customer satisfaction.

CAREABLE standards:

CHINA GB 19083-2010; YY / T 0969-2013; YY 0469-2011; GB / T 32610-2016
Europe EN149:2001 + A1-2009; FFP1≥80%, FFP2≥94%, FFP3≥97%
Australia AS / NZS17162012
United States NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) : (Title 42 CFR Part 84)
South Korea KF (Korean filter) KF94 : ≥94%
Japan (MHLW) Standard: JIST81512018

Company Contact Information

Q: Do you have a mask?A: Yes, we have KN95 masks and Disposable protective mask (non-medical use)
Q: Where do you ship your spot?A: We ship directly from the factory.
Q: How about the packing?A: KN95:20PCS/BOX 900PCS/CTN    Disposable protective mask (non-medical use):50PCS/BOX   2000PCS/CTN
Q: What materials does your product use?A: The 1- layer of non-woven fabric is dark blue to filter large particles.
   The 2- layer of white melt - spray non - woven cloth adsorption dust, odor.    The 3- layer of non-woven white filter fine dust.


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