High Quality Material 3 Layer Disposable Non-woven Eco-friendly Face Mask

3 ply (100% new material)
1st ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
2nd ply: 25g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)
3rd ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
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   The size is 17.5cmx9.5cm, 50 pieces/box, 2000 pieces/box. The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven cloth and filter paper.The disposable three-layer mask is made up of two layers of professional non-woven fabric used for medical care,with an additional layer in the middle to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99% of the filter dissolving spray cloth by ultrasonic welding.Filtering effect up to 99% B.F.E is particularly suitable for electronic plants;Disposable mask in the production is the use of environmental protection plastic nose bridge strip nose bridge clip design can be made according to different face shape the most comfortable adjustment.With ultrasonic spot welding inside, the ear band can be very firm and not easy to fall off.

Face Mask TypeEarloop face mask
Material/Fabric3 ply (100% new material)
1st ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
2nd ply: 25g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)
3rd ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP
FeatureHigh BFE/PFE, Adjustable nose piece, Elastic earloop
SizeFor adults: 17.5×9.5cm

Q: Do you have face mask in stock?
A: Yes
Q: Can I place a face mask order now?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: Do you have any certificates?
A: We've got FDA, CE, ISO13485 and some licenses for domestic market.
Q: Which kind of face mask can you supply? How about packing?
A: Our face masks are made of 100% new material, 3 ply non-woven, blue or white color. You can check the packing details in the
"Packaging & Shipping" part.
Q: What's your MOQ and price?
A: MOQ is 100pcs, FOB Xiamen price is 0.35USD/pc based on MOQ.
Q: Your price is too high, can I get a cheaper price?A: To be honest, we also think the price is very very high now. It is easy to
buy face mask with 0.014USD/pc before the virus breakout. But now mask production has been affected in China by the virus, the
whole world is short of masks. So, even you pay 1USD/pc, you can hardly find any suppliers in your local city, cause most of them
bought from China. Mask production capacity is limited, buyers are far beyond suppliers now. Besides, the raw material, packing
box, shipping cost and labor cost all have being increasing since weeks ago.
Q: What’s your payment term?A: 50% payment before production, 50% payment before shipping.
Q: What’s your lead time?A: Depends on your quantity.


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