Disposable Protective Face Mask

Manufacturer Price Disposable Mask Protective No-woven Dust Mask 3ply Face Mask
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Product Details

Manufacturer Price Disposable Mask Protective No-woven Dust Mask 3ply Face Mask

Product parameters

TypeDisposable mask(civil grade)
MaterialNon-woven fabric
Applicable scenarioAir polluted environment
UsageFiltering dust, particles, etc.
ColorWhite or Blue
Implementation standardGB/T 32610-2016
Bacterial filtration efficiency≥90%
PM2.5 inhalation concentrationless than 75ug/m3
ApperanceNeat, intact  shape, free of damage and stains
Structure and sizeCan cover mouth, nose and jaw(deviation ±4%)                                
Nose clipMade of plastic materials, 10.4cm
CertificatesCe, FDA, test report, All Export Licensing
FeatureSoft, comfortable, no stimulation, perfect fit
Shelf life2 years
Package50 pcs/inner box, 2000 pcs/ctn
Production capacity1,000,000 pcs/day

Product features and quality management
1) 100% raw materials, high-quality domestic material.Fabrics-Lining, Middle, Outer, Filter & Earband. Nose wire Heavy metal content test: below detection range, PHTHALATES content test: below 0.01, very safe material.

2) Purity test-above KN95. Passed (can filter and isolate acid and alkali, fluorescence, formaldehyde, pigmen.Related standards and test methods for non-pharmaceutical products) from CE and FDA testings.

3) Management and self-testing of quality management commission contracts with recognized institutions certified by the Food and Drug Safety Agency.

A. Continue strict management and safety evaluation.

B. Thorough quality management from raw material production to finished product storage and sales channels.

C. Immediately discard substandard products and inventory through batch management and logistics system integration.

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3-ply disposable face mask




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