Digital Non-Contact Gun Infrared IR Thermometer Digital,baby Digital Thermometer

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Product Details

Product Description
Product Name
Infrared Thermometer
Temerature Range
Diode Laser
Class 2 (11)
Power Supply
R03 AAA 1.5V*2

Q: Why is my measurement result high? 
A: If the object is stored in a cold room, directly exposed under sunlight, or the subject is crying, the measurement result will be high. 

Q: Why is my measurement result low? 
A: 1. Do not use after swimming, bathing, or sweating during physical exercise, because the skin temperature will drop. Wipe off the moisture and wait for 30 minutes to measure. 
2.If the detector is dirty, it will also affect the measurement. 
3.Do not take measurements immediately when going outdoor to indoor in cold weather. 
4.Do not take temp on other parts except forehead. 

Q: Why is the temperature measured on my body different from the oral temperature? 
A: The forehead temperature converted by the infrared surface thermometer may differ from the actual forehead temperature. It is recommended that even family members in good physical condition take regular measurements to check their normal body temperature.

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